How to do e-signature or send a printable return(pdf file) to tax payer's email?

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2020-10-12 02:11

We integrate myTaxExpress/T2Express software with to allow you to get e-signature (T183/T1013 etc) from tax payer online; or deliver printable tax return file (pdf file) to tax payer using a simple password. All you need to do is clcking some buttons inside myTaxExpress/T2Express software.

A paid points system to control is utilized to control these new features. You need to set up an email/password account through mytaxexpress ticket support portal first. We can give you some free points to try this new feature, ask us for details.

Next you need to pay for the points for your account created above. Right now, every $1 is 10 points. To deliver a document for one S.I.N. costs 2 points; and 10 points for asking e-signature per form type and per S.I.N.

The points are paid from this link:

To send a T183 or E-Auth for e-signature, please follow these steps:

 Step 1. Enter support ticket account email/password in preference for Doc-Sign/Doc-Delivery

Step 2: Enter tax payer's contact email on page 1 of T1. Note there are two email fields, the other is specifically for CRA online mail.

Step 3: Fill form T183 or E-Auth (T1013) into tax return. Then choose menu "Start | Submit Document for E-Signature"

Step 4: Software will generate a print for the chosen tax form. You can review the print before sending the document for delivery or e-signature.

Step 5: Confirm to send document for Doc-Signature or Doc-Delivery by click "OK" button.

Step 6: Both you and tax payer will get emails about E-Signature request. After tax payer signs the document online, you will get email notification and a download link for the signed document.

Note: By default, the last 4 digits of client's SIN are used as password for client to login e-sign/e-delivery web pages.

 To send printable return files (pdf) to tax payers, do the following:

  1. Do tax return print as usual for client copy option
  2. Review the printable pdf file
  3. Software will ask you if you want to send pdf file for Doc-Delivery and follow the step 3 in E-Signature process
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