How to efile e-auth (former T1013) to CRA?

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2020-02-10 21:24

Efiling e-auth(T1013) to CRA is a side function of the myTaxExpress EFile software. You need to have CRA EFiler ID/Password first, and set them in software preference by menu "Start | Preference".

Preference settings of EFiler ID

Next, you need to create an empty tax return for the client. Client's name and S.I.N information must be correct. Since e-auth doesn't need birthdate, marital status, and tax province information, you can choose anything when creating such an empty tax return. The tax return is just a place to hold a form of Authorize a Representative (former T1013).

new return

Next, you need to add a form "Authorize a Representative" into this return by menu "Forms | add a tax form". Complete all the required information inside "Authorize a Representative".

add form


Last, you submit the completed form to CRA by choose menu "Start | Authorize a Representative". submit T1013

Last note, Filing E-Auth will not contain any T1 tax return information to CRA.

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