How to activate a monthly subscription plan?

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2021-02-25 16:25

Registered users can choose either a Pay-Per-Use or Subscription plan to use E-Sign or E-Deliver services. For brief introduction about both plans, please check out the What is page.

If you foresee your business will require both services more frequently, a monthly subscription plan may be more cost-effective than a Pay-Per-Use plan. 

To activate a monthly plan, please make sure you have at least 80 points available first. Check out how to purchase points here.

Step 1: Log into your Dashboard first.

Step 2: In 'Points / Subscription' section, select an option from 'Activate/Update Subscription Plan' drop-down. 

You can choose to activate a subscription for 30 days, 180 days or 365 days at once.

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