How to change myTaxExpress/T2Express display option in Mac OS?

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2019-08-05 16:59

Sometimes, you need to adjust myTaxExpress/T2Express display option in Mac OS. Please follow these steps:

1. First, close myTaxExpress or T2Express; or use Force Quit to close myTaxExpress/T2Express

force quit 01

Select myTaxExpress/T2Express, then choose "Force Quit" button

force quit 02

2. Locate myTaxExpress or T2Express in Applications folder, then right click mouse

show package

3. Choose menu "Show Package Contents", then double click "Wineskin" to run it.


4. Choose "Set Screen Options"

Screen Option

5. You can toggle "User Mac Driver instead of X11" option, one of them will work better for your computer.

use X11
use Mac driver

 6. Click "Done" button to close option dialog. Then click top left "<" icon to go back to Applications folder to run myTaxExpress/T2Express again.


run T2Express


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