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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software
  CRA Forms&Access

This program can efile Auth a Representative (former T1013) and RC59 form to CRA system. You need a valid EFiler ID/Password to do so. Each type of form consumes different paid points for EFiling.
This is a fairly new program, many more improvements are expected in the up-coming software release.
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Version 2020.1, Download link, released on Feb 5, 2020
For Windows, about 9MB
For Mac, pending...

How to use this program
  1. Get an EFiler ID/password from CRA, read this FAQ link.
  2. Register a CRAForms&Access user email/password from our support website if you don't have one.
  3. Download and install CRAForms&Access
  4. Set up EFiler ID/password and CRAForms&Access user email/password into Preference dialog.
  5. Every $1 paid equals 10 points, Auth. a representative (former T1013) costs 14 points, one RC59 costs 28 points, and one RC59X costs 14 points.

Buy points
200/500 Points can be purchased at one time for $20/$50, tax included. Points will be valid for all programs using the point system, and the points will never expire until it is used.
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