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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software
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Purchase myTaxExpress 2019
  • Price for 1-tax-return license is CAD $6.99, tax included.
  • Price for 10-tax-return license is CAD $13.99, tax included.
  • CD shipping costs extra CAD $6.00 (tax included).
  • For bulk license payment, you can quote the total price here.
  Payment Method Click the following link
1  Online Credit Card
(except Visa Debit Card)
If you are using Visa Debit card or online credit card payment doesn't work, please use the PayPal payment option. Paypal can process credit cards even if you don't have a Paypal account.

  Payment Method Link and Instruction
2   Paypal can process Visa Debit card and regular credit card, please click PayPal Check out button to proceed. You don't need to have a Paypal account.
Choose license option:
CAD $13.99 for 10-return license, download
CAD $19.99 for 10-return license with CD
CAD $6.99 for 1-return license, download
CAD $12.99 for 1-return license with CD

3  Email Money Transfer
email to:
Note: Please send us the answer of your security question by a separate email
with a phone number for contact (or cell number for text).

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