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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software
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Two Download Types
There are two download types, Standard and JRE-Bundled. Both download types can calculate tax return and generate NETFILE. The only difference is JRE-Bundled type download includes JRE installation file. See JRE below.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
myTaxExpress use Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to generate printable tax forms.

Choose Your Download Type
Choose standard download if any of the following applies to you:
1) You already have JRE v1.3.1 or above on your windows system.
2) You don't want printable tax forms.
Otherwise, choose JRE-Bundled download.

download type size download link
  Standard 4.0MB   taxexpsetup_nojre.exe
  JRE-bundled 9.0MB   taxexpsetup.exe

Special Note For Win95/Win98 User
If you are using WIN9x and have problems in running myTaxExpress, Please download and run file vcredist.exe to patch your system before running myTaxExpress.

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