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If you are purchasing license for Corporation Tax Return (T2) software, please click this T2 payment link., otherwsie, please choose the tax year from left side below.

1. General License Information

  1. myTaxExpress is licensed per installation. Each installation has a unique PIN/Key pair for activation.
  2. Once an installation is licensed, a number of up-to-license-allowed returns can be prepared.
  3. You can upgrade myTaxExpress to a latest version free (for the same year version). Existing license key will continue working after upgrade.
  4. myTaxExpress license key is paid every year, unused tax return numbers cannot be carried over to another tax year.
  5. License price information can be found here. License price is subject to change without notice.
  6. Please try myTaxExpress in advance. myTaxExpress can be downloaded free.

2. Refund Policy

A refund will NOT be granted AFTER a license key is issued or sent to customers. We provide free software download, so customers can try it first, then decide to buy.
If the license key is not retrieved or issued, customers could be refunded with minimum $2 deducted for credit card processing.

For more information about license and refund policy, please refer to the Terms of Service page.

3. What will happen after you make payment

Payments with online credit card or PayPal (excluding pending paypal transaction)

  • For an existing customer, an email with online license key retrieval instruction is sent out immediately after the payment goes through, No waiting! Make sure to enter your email address correctly.
  • For a new customer, we may perform an identity verification before sending out license instruction email. A real cellphone or a business email in the payment is strongly recommended in order to speed up the process.

Payments by mailing a cheque or by HyperWallet

  • We will email you online license instruction manually in this case. You can retrieve the license key online as well by following the instruction.

If you are not able to retrieve license key online due to firewall settings or Internet connection issues, all customers can email license PIN after valid payments and we will email you back with a paired license key. Please Read this to find out what license PIN is.

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