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myTaxExpress NETFILE 2023 software download

If you are tax professional and register with CRA as EFiler, please switch to EFILE software. If you are preparing tax returns for yourself, family or friends, this netfile software is the right choice.

Certified version

Platform File Size Download Link Note
Windows 40MB exe file, download/install.
Runs on both 32/64-bits Windows, including 7/8/10/11.
Note 1, Add myTaxExpress software as Windows 10 controlled folder access allowed app. You need to grant Read/Write access to Documents folder to myTaxExpress software. more details

Note 2, if there is difficulty in retrieve license key online after installation, please install this Microsoft system patch.

Note 3,This version is also good for Linux wine.
Some Windows 7 computer favours this setup file.
Use it only when the first setup file doesn't work well.
exe file, download/install.
For older Windows like XP/Vista etc
You may need to install license key manually.
MacOS 80MB, Mac OS 10.10 and later Mac .pkg file for install
Press Ctrl key and open the downloaded .pkg file, and allow access to user's Documents folder.
64-bit, MacOS Yosemite to latest version
Watch this installation video
For Mac OS, overcome the error of unidentified software developer.
80MB, Mac OS 10.7-10.9
unzip and run directly.
64-bit, for MacOS Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks
Linux (UBuntu etc) 110MB mytaxexpress2023_netfile-ssl11-x86_64.AppImage

Change the AppImage file's permission to executable after download.
Ubuntu 22.04 and its like, please read note 1.

Note 1: For Ubuntu 22.04 and its like, read this help link for openssl version,


Note 2: Later Linux, openssl 1.1.*

Note 3:How to change the AppImage file permission to executable

Change the AppImage file's permission to executable after download.
Older Linux, openssl 1.0.*

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