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myTaxExpress Bulk License Price

General Information
The regular price for myTaxExpress EFILE/NETFILE/Print-only is $13.99 (tax included) per 10-returns. Tax return with total income (line 150 of T1) less than $10,000 will not be counted from license usage. T1135/T1013 filing is always charged for one-return usage no matter what the total income is.

1. CRA enforces NETFILE software has the limitation of maximum 20 returns on each computer. This "limit of 20" rule includes returns with incomes under 10K.
2. EFILE version and Print-only version software DO NOT have the "Limit of 20" restriction.

For those who cannot estimate how many returns of license are needed, you can start with a small number return license purchase, then add more returns in the future.

Bulk License Price

  • For the first 20-return license, full price will apply;
  • For the next 30-return license, 10% discount will apply;
  • For the next 50-return license, 20% discount will apply;
  • For the next 100-return license, 30% discount will apply.
  • For unlimited-return license, $219.64(tax included, equivalent to 200-return price). Maximum of three computer installations are allowed.
myTaxExpress license is issued for every 10 returns. Enter the number of return-license you are interested in, press "Quote Price" button to give you a price quote.

enter number of return requested,
mustn't be greater than 200
Want a CD?(CD handling&shipping fee $6.50)   Yes  $
Press "Quote Price" button   
Total cost, tax included $
If you use a Visa Debit card or you like to pay by PayPal, please click PayPal Check out button to proceed.
If you agree to pay this amount, fill the following information and proceed to secure credit card payment.
note: If you are using a Visa Debit card, please use Paypal Check Out option above by clicking "Quote Price" button to enable it.

First name
Last name
Credit Card Number Expiry Date /
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Email address
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Enter the captcha code, then press Submit:

Payment Notes

  • Credit card payment, please quote license price first in above, then click button "Submit Credit Card Payment".
  • HyperWallet payment, please notify us by email before and after you make payment.
  • Cheque or Money Order, please get our mailing address here.

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