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Online Demos
Screen Shot

The page has some demos created for myTaxExpress 2006 or 2010. The software interfaces have been changed over the years, but those basics are still applicable.

Those videos are converted from flash files. Watch in full screen mode if possible for better video quality.


Quick start

Get started with myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

How to download

How to download myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

How to install

How to install myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

Retrieve license online

How to retrieve a license key online in myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

Install license manually

How to install license manually in myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

Coupled return

Coupled return explained in myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

Validate return

Validate a T1 return in myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

Create Netfile

Create Netfile for T1 return in myTaxExpress 2006 (video)

Submit EFile in software

How to submit Efile in myTaxExpress 2010 (video)

Submit EFile on CRA website

How to submit EFile on CRA website (video)

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