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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software
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[Generate Print Online]

You can generate printable tax forms (.pdf file) online now. It only needs your year 2003 tax return file (.r03) and an internet browser. visit myTaxExpress PRINT server

[Generate Print Locally - JRE Setup Required]

myTaxExpress is using Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to generate printable tax return (.pdf) locally. JRE is a free software package from SUN Microsystem. Please the follow the instruction in "Install myTaxExpress " to install JRE.
  1. Open your tax return file by myTaxExpress, make sure tax return file is saved by "save now" button.

  2. Click menu "Start | Generate Printable Tax Return",

    Or you can click the button "Print locally" on the toolbar.

  3. a .pdf file will be generated. The .pdf file name is pre-assigned according to tax payer's name. All .pdf files are generated under directory "[mytaxexpress directory]\data".

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