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Canadian Personal/Corporate Tax Software
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Screen Shot
[Add Tax Slip]

In the left treeview pane of myTaxExpress, Tax slips are gathered as a group. To add a new tax slip, select that node of "Tax Slips"; right click mouse, a menu will popup. Click "Add new Txxx slip", a new tax slip will appear in the right side pane.

Or you can select menu "Slips/Notes | Add Txxx Slip" to add new tax slip directly.

[Remove Tax Slip]

To remove a tax slip, right click mouse to select the tax slip to be deleted in the left tree-view pane. A "Remove selected slip" menu will appear. select "Delete selected slip" to remove the tax slip.

Or you can select menu "Slips/Notes | Remove Selected Slip" to remove tax slip directly.

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